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The Turing Festival 2011



The Turing Festival is an emerging technology event, bringing together the cream of the world’s technology based innovators and entrepreneurs with Scottish web, broadcast and mobile talent, will act as a breeding ground for new ideas and creative technologies. This first ever Turing Festival was named in honour of the father of modern computing.


The 2011 festival was held on 26-28th August at Our Dynamic Earth and Surgeon’s Hall in Edinburgh. This Festival coincided with Edinburgh International Festival and the Guardian Media Festival.


The Festival was sold out and brought together world leaders in computing and the internet with European startup companies, students and academics. The Festival attracted Facebook, running their first Scottish Developer Garage, as well as Google, Amazon and many more alongside global venture capitalists from the likes of Union Square, Qualcomm and North Face Ventures. At the same time, there were world class talks by the likes of David McCandless, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi and Richard Stallman. Simultaneous with the main curated festival programme, were three amazing days of Turing Fringe events with the Dynamic Languages Conference, Lean Startup with UCL and a Mini Erlang Factory. Internet buzz peaked with the festival #TFest hashtag trending on Twitter.  There were significant and high level networking opportunities for attendees with huge potential for new business and investment. 


A report on the Festival appeared in Wired UK.  Turing Festival 2011: the highlights


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