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Open Innovation links

General sites and communities

  • 15inno: 'by Stefan Lindegard helps innovation leaders with their challenges and issues through peer-to-peer networking groups and learning sessions.'
  • Crowdsourcing.Org:  'Crowdfounding, mass collaboration, it's all on, the place go to place for authoritative, information-rich content and insights on crowdsourcing.'
  • European Open Innovation Forum: 'a new initiative to discover, discuss and share the most effective ways to organise your open innovation pipeline'.
  • Exnovate: 'The European network of excellence on open and collaborative information..a place where OI best practices could be exchanges and where a genuine market for OI expertise would be prepared and organised for all stakeholders.
  • MOOI  ‘an online community of OI-professionals who want to collaborate in discussing, structuring, and qualifying best practices of “Managing and Organizing Open Innovation”.  It offers a platform to bring open innovation management one level up by examining, in a structured way, a new management challenge each month during one year. ‘ MOOI was founded by Henry Chesbrough, Vim Vanhaverbeke and Nadine Roijakkers,
  • Open Innovation Community: ' informational resource for thought leaders, consultants, authors, business leaders, academics and others who have a deep interest in open innovation'.
  • Open Innovation Strategy & Policy Group:  'unites industrial groups, academia and private users to support policies for Open Innovation at the European Commission'.
  • German-language open innovation community and news resource.
  • The Big Innovation Centre: 'exists to make the UK a global open innovation hub, to build a world-class innovation eco-system, and re-balance the UK economy.'

 Tools, services and platforms

  • 12Designer: 'offers clients and creatives an innovative platform for creative competition projects.'
  • 100%Open: 'a specialist open innovation agency that helps large organisations create value by innovating with others.'
  • Bracket. :'provide businesses with bespoke creative teams for innovation strategy and implementation.
  • Brainspot: 'deliver smart solutions to improve your business, such as crowdsourcing, communities, advisory and web developments.
  • Creative Barcode:  Trust based easy IP fit for open innovation in the digital age. A trust, ethics and etiquette mechanism and framework used to under-pin open innovation challenges both for those running them and those participating in them.
  • Creative Commons 'a non-profit organisation that develops, supports and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximises digital creativity, sharing and innovation.'
  • CrowdAhead: UK-based crowdfunding platform.
  • Crowdcube: 'helps startup and growing businesses to raise business finance by letting people invest via our equity crowdfunding platform'.
  •,uk: 'Since merging with in 2012, and launching our network of 101 local newspaper websites with Local World Ltd, Crowdfunder is now the UK's leading reward based crowdfunding platform.'
  • FundersClub  '.is built around a unique online marketplace that allows accredited investors to become equity holders in FundersClub-managed venture funds – which then fund pre-screened, private companies. The platform combines industry-standard venture funds, with an easy-to-use web-platform that allows members to browse and screen fund investment opportunities, view investment profiles and sign legal documents.'
  • IXC UK: 'part of the global InnovationXchange with operational links to Malaysia and Australia. IXC® UK Ltd, part of the global expansion of the successful Australian IXC network, was established to foster collaboration between UK companies, public sector organizations, universities and research institutes;.
  • Indiegogo. A crowdfunding site which 'empowers people to activate the global community to make ideas happen. Then, we help you spread the word.'
  • Induct: an 'integrated web-based service which supports custom design, measurement, and measurement of the entire open innovation process. Induct integrates Enterprise 2.0 technology and social networking concepts with a flexible and customisable innovation process management framework'.
  • InnoCentive: 'is the open innovation and crowdsourcing pioneer that enables organizations to solve their key problems by connecting them to diverse sources of innovation including employees, customers, partners, and the world's largest problem solving market place.'
  • Innoget:  'provides a full range of services related to the acquisition, re-evaluation and marketing of technologies and addressing the needs of R&D and innovation.'
  • Innovation Bank: 'An innovation & IP trading portal for SME's to Corporates, Creative industries, inventors, funders, professions and academics seeking collaborative partners to do business with, buy, sell, and license IP. Also excellent PR and marketing platform to promote innovation challenges, initiatives and company success stories.'
  • Innovation Exchange: 'an open innovation marketplace for Global 500 companies and not-for-profit organisations.'
  • Innovationskraftwerk:  a German-based ideation platform with interfaces in both German and English. It addresses scientific and political issues as well as innovation and solution processes in business and industry.
  • Kickstarter: 'a funding platform for creative full of ambitious, innovative and imaginative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others.'
  • NineSigma: 'offers a full array of state-of-the-art products and services that will engage your company with the global information community and enable you to leverage those connections for optimal value through proper organizational and and process alignment.'
  • One Billion Minds: an 'online community which includes scientists, professional and student innovators from across 180 universities, 54 areas of study, and 103 countries around the world.'
  • OpenIDEO: 'an online platform for creative thinkers.'
  • OSSWatch: a free open source advisory service for UK higher and further education institutions.
  • Presans: Matches customer needs to a worldwide network of registered experts.
  • Quirky: Open innovation product development site.

 Examples of corporate sites

  • Akzo Nobel Open Space: a site which looks for 'brilliant ideas and solutions'.
  • Barclaycard Ring:  'a credit card that is driven by its community of card members
  • Beiersdorf Pearlfinder: 'the unique Beiersdorf Trusted Network that allows external partners in all regions of the world to access our confidential scientific challenges in order to propose ideas and solutions.
  • BMW Group Virtual Innovation Agency: 'an interface between external innovation sources and developers from the BMW Group' .
  • CloroxConnects:  A site which seeks to source ideas from customers, partners and staff.
  • first direct lab:  'a place where you can view new ideas and test-drive brand new first direct innovations before we release them..'
  • Geo Ecoimagination Challenge: 'a $200 million innovation experiment where businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators and students shared their best ideas on how to improve our energy future'.
  • General Mills G-Win: Site which seeks out ideas in the categories of  products, packaging, processes, ingredients, technologies and digital.
  • Glaxo Smithkline. Innovation at GSK: 'Open innovation is our process for linking your ideas or innovative technology with GSK R&D and Commercial team members responsible to grow our global brands.'
  • Intuit Network: 'is the place to work together on new ideas. Find out what we're looking for in our Challenges or tell us via Brainstorm if you have a novel idea that we can develop together.'
  • Lego Cussoo: 'Create a project, share your product concept, and see what other people think'.
  • Local Motors: A community with designs and develops cars.
  • Open Xerox  'a web portal that hosts technology prototypes from the Xerox R&D labs, making them accessible to the external user community well before the launch of a product offering.'
  • Procter & Gamble, P&G Connect & Develop: 'our version of open innovation, the practice of accessing externally developed intellectual property and allowing your internally-developed assets and know-how to be used by others.'
  • Reckitt Benckiser: RB Idealink'If you have a new technology product that's close to market, or you want to license one of our brands, you have come to the right place'. 
  • SAP Community Network: 'is SAP's professional network. It provides trusted connections to our dynamic community of SAP customers, partners, employees and experts.' 
  • Tate & Lyle: 'We are a leading global provider of three main types of speciality food ingredients. if you have a new product or technology in one or more of these areas - or a new food technology altogether - we would love to hear from you'.
  • Unilever: 'Smart collaboration between us and our partners allows us to leverage a greater mix of technologies and speed up time to market to deliver value non of us could achieve on our own.'
  • VJAM: 'is all about co-invention with Virgin Atlantic's customers and it blends topics that our customers are interested in with opportunities that make travel more social.'

Examples of public services and government sites

  •  US Government challenge site
  • GenIUS York: City of York challenge and engagement initiative.
  • NHS Hack Days: 'are weekend events that bring together doctors, nurses, designers, developers and other 'geeks who love the NHS' to create disruptive solutions to problems in the health space'.


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