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What is Open Innovation?

'I now take a competely open innovation approach to all aspects of our business. It creates trust, community and acts as a prolonged marketing technique'. Felix Gilfedder, co-founder of Popcorn Horror.

'Conversations first, then relationships, then transactions'Roland Harwood. 100% Open


Open innovation is based on a simple principle.  This is that by accessing a broader range of ideas and views than those which exist or are generated within a single organisation you will dramatically increase the possibility of developing innovative new products and finding effective solutions to challenges of all types.

This principle is applied through a broad range of activities and potential business models. These models offer varying levels of information sharing, interdependance and openness and  This means that each business can select the models which are best suited to the way they like to work, their size and the sector in which they operate.

Donal O'Connell from Chawton Innovation Services gave this presentation on his personal take on Open Innovation at 'Open Innovation, The Challenges & Solutions' in London 29 November 2011.


Here are some links to videos about Open Innovation produced by other organisations and individuals.



.Click here for a useful set of links to open innovation services and examples.

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