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UCL Advances

UCL Advances is the centre for entrepreneurship and business interaction at UCL. It exists to stimulate collaboration amongst researchers, business and investors, driving innovations that benefit society and the economy, with a particular focus on new businesses and SME engagement.
As part of its mission, UCL Advances works to support start-ups and small businesses across London by helping them to access the technical and business expertise of UCL’s staff and students through a series of programmes to help support ambitious young companies.

Contribution to the Open Innovation Project

UCL Advances is leading on a programme of activities that will bring Open Innovation to student, academic, business and wider communities. They have been involved in the following activities:

  • UCL Launchbox: A pop-up shop located in Boxpark Shoreditch which showcases products from UCL and other Open Innovation Project partners.
  • Citrus Saturday, Citrus Saturdays 2011, 2013 and 2014; annual entrepreneurship days designed to get young people to start to think like entrepreneurs and to understand that they can determine their own success through hard work and determination.
  • Business and enterprise training 'Bootcamps' to give high growth start-ups access to the know-how, money and contacts to start a growth business.
  • The creation and development of an Open Innovation network: EPIC (European Pre-Incubation Consortium) which will facilitate knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and joint problem-solving between entrepreneurs.
  • Open Innovation showcase events to highlight young companies that have successfully applied Open Innovation strategies.
    Practical, hands-on Open Innovation Challenges, such as Ideastock, which bring together collaborative groups to rapidly brainstorm and prototype new products and services.
  • British Innovation Awards, Open Innovation Challenge, Briefing/Pre-session: April 2012

Project team

Timothy Barnes – UCL Advances Executive Director
Jack Wratten – Citrus Saturday
John Spindler  & Carly Lloyd - Bootcamp
Dave Chapman & Madalina Nazare (from 18 February 2013) - Challenge
Lillian Shapiro - EPIC

Further information

Madalina Nazare, Project Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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