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Founded in 2003 through an initiative at University College London, MegaNexus Ltd has become one of the leaders in providing partnership management systems to multi-sector organisations within the UK.

Designed to work across a huge range of projects and funding streams, using unique patented technology, the web-based management information systems allow multiple sector organisations to share information securely and efficiently.

The most useful information we need on a day to day basis is not in a machine or a database, but is inside people. By creating a super network of opportunities, MegaNexus connect individuals to the right opportunities at the right time in the right way.

Contribution to the Open Innovation Project

One of the activities that MegaNexus headed was the creation of the Open Innovation website; the central source for information on all of the Open Innovation activities, partners and events.

Preceding that, MegaNexus will produce a data sharing solution to enable selected data from partner systems to be shared collectively with the other partners.

The platform will dynamically connect to all the partner databases and enable data to be analysed and viewed securely.

With this core data sharing capability in place, the platform will be connected to networking sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook to provide collaboration facilities and additional information to supplement the existing partner data.

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Project Team

Daniel Brown – Head of Business Development

Nadia Kuftinoff - Project Support

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