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Laval Mayenne Technopole


 'LMT appears to be a key player on Open Innovation and SME's throughout Europe. (Their) projects are expressions of inner dynamic and challenges'.

   Dr Denis Remon, MBA, DBA, Ph.D, R&D PRO-Innovation, Quebec, CANADA

In the heart of western France, Laval Mayenne Technopole (LMT) offers know-how and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative SMEs in order to facilitate the birth and the development of innovative businesses.
LMT promotes innovation by supporting the synergy between major local actors: higher education, research labs, technological platforms, companies, financial organisations and consultants.


Contribution to the Open Innovation Project

As an innovation developer, LMT supports and fosters innovative projects on the Mayenne territory and more particularly innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They have  chosen to lead on open innovation and SMEs, in order to maximise their competitiveness thanks to Open Innovation (OI) practices.
They noticed that the major obstacle to the exploitation of under-utilised assets is the current reluctance of companies to innovate in an “open” manner. Informing and training innovative SMEs to the advantages of Open Innovation will encourage them to implement OI practices in their daily life and therefore become more competitive. They aim at increasing European synergies through our partnerships and help our SMEs to access the European market.

They will also bring our innovation expertise to global SMEs connected to the OI project partners from their project management stage to their international development phase.  Innovation means improving existing things and creating new things.

They have been involved in the following activities:

Case studies

Project team

Christian Travier, Director
Valérie Moreau, Responsible for LMT networks
Sandrine Trouillard, Responsible for LMT Creation
Marion Hurbin, Responsible for LMT Communication
Nicolas Chomel, Project Manager
Antoine Thébaud, Project Manager
Marie-Laure Laumaillé, Communication
Céline Loury, Communication
Valérie Vincent, Director assistant
Jennifer Nouveau, Assistant


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