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University of Edinburgh LAUNCH.ed

Edinburgh Research and Innovation

LAUNCH.ed is the University of Edinburgh’s free support service for student entrepreneurs. In the past four years, LAUNCH.ed has helped some 50 students launch new companies.

As a result of this activity, Edinburgh now produces more student-led companies than any of its peers in Scotland, and ranks among the top universities in the U.K. for overall start-up and spin-out activity.
To external institutions, LAUNCH.ed offers unparalleled access to the University’s top entrepreneurial talent.

Contribution to the Open Innovation Project

LAUNCH.ed are involved in the following project activities:

Practical, hands-on Open Innovation challenge events, which bring together academics, students, and the general public to rapidly brainstorm and prototype new products and services.

Business and enterprise training workshops and mentoring support for postgraduates, PhDs and research staff at the University of Edinburgh, to develop the commercial potential of their research.

Open Innovation showcases to highlight young companies that have successfully applied Open Innovation strategies.

Best-practice workshops and speaker events, including one with Henry Chesbrough, the world’s leading Open Innovation expert, on the benefits and practical implications of implementing Open Innovation initiatives.

The creation and development of Open Innovation networks, which facilitate knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and joint problem-solving between entrepreneurs.

LAUNCH.ed is contributing to the following events:


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