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IRSEEM (Embedded Electronic Systems Research Institute)

IRSEEM (Embedded Electronic Systems Research Institute) has quickly developed collaborative research with its partners and transfers technologies to regional sectors in the automobile, aviation, electronics, telecommunications and energy industries. It is a key player in regional and national economic development through its participation in:

  • Competitive Clusters (participation in 6 of them) aiming at putting together both large companies and SMEs, research institutes and higher education organisations
  • Carnot Institutes, whose models are the Fraunhofer in Germany, a reference in terms of partner research,
  • Great Regional Research Networks, divided into main domains of activities (Electronics & Energy, Risk Management, Chemistry...)

IRSEEM also participates in programmes such as Franco-British cooperation (Interreg Strand A), more widely European cooperation (TEMPUS programmes, MEDEA +) and some bilateral partnerships with its Chinese and Indian counterparts.

Contribution to the OI Project

IRSEEM will be contributing to the following themes

1. Open innovation and the community

  • Lemonade days
  • Boot Camps for Knowledge Intensive Industries
  • NWE Pre-Incubator Scheme
  • OI Showcase
  • OI Challenge

2. Open innovation and small and medium-sized businesses

  • Masterclass Training SMEs in capacity building
  • Champions workshops program
  • Energising business/academic interface

3. Open innovation and universities

  • OI skills/capacity building program
  • Virtual Incubation support

They will also contribute to these specific activities :

  • Concerning the wider community, it will contribute through the Science Festival in Normandie.
  • Concerning the support to SMEs and companies, IRSEEM will bring its extensive experience in organising clusters of SMEs and could draw on its 4-year experience in terms of participation to competitive clusters to assist in building up new links between research and large companies.

They are contributing to these activities:

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Our Partners Include

Higher education ended up being the true reason for our task to commence.