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City of Edinburgh Council

The City of Edinburgh Council is one of 32 local authorities in Scotland,  responsible for the capital city  and seat of the Scottish Parliament with a growing population of 477,000 (approx 10% of Scottish total) and the driving force of the Scottish economy. The project is managed by the Economic Development Unit of the Council’s City Development Department, as part of its remit to promote and sustain the economic prosperity of the city.

Contribution to the Open Innovation Project

As well as being lead partner for the transnational project, responsible for coordinating activities across nine partner regions in North West Europe to promote Open Innovation, the Council is also:

  • Coordinating a local programme of initiatives aimed at companies, entrepreneurs, inventors, universities, academics and local communities.
  • Complimenting the existing business support infrastructure with new Open Innovation tools, resources and training to build the competitiveness of SMEs.
  • Exploring opportunities to engage with social enterprise in project activity.
  • Promoting a collaborative approach to innovation within and across key growth sectors of the local economy.
  • Building productive and sustainable collaboration  with national and larger corporate stake-holders.
  • Supporting an Edinburgh  technology festival aiming to become Europe’s leading launchpad for Open Innovation technology.
  • Supporting the creative and other innovative sectors to turn ideas into flourishing enterprises.

Events and activities

For further information:

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Here are some examples of how businesses in Edinburgh are using open innovation to develop new services, products and markets.



i2Diagnostics Ltd

Krotos Ltd


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