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British Library Business & IP Centre

The British Library  is the national library of the UK.  The British Library's contribution to this project is part of a range of services and activities to support and promote innovation and entrepreneurship.  This commitment centres around the Business & IP Centre in London, which provides a resource centre for entrepreneurs based around the UK’s largest collection of business and intellectual property information.  The Centre offers workshops and personalised advice and training delivered by BL experts as well as from an extensive network of partners.

Contribution to the Open Innovation Project

The Library is managing content on the OI project website and contributing to the following events:

 Project team

  • Nigel Spencer; Research & Business Development Manager
  • Seema Rampersad, Business & IP Expert
  • Sue Ashpitel; Business & IP Collections Manager
  • Neil Infield; Business & IP Centre Manager

For further information

 Nigel Spencer:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 The British Library's centre for innovation and entrepreneurs


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