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Futures For Somerset

The South West of England local partnership has sponsored a new 'Collaborative Innovation' category in the Somerset Business Awards (run by the Somerset Chamber of Commerce). The competition to win the award encouraged collaborating organisations to showcase their Open Innovation success.

In 2011, this was won by Futures for Somerset (FfS), BAM Construction and the Bridgwater Education Trust (BET). These partners are working together to lead a pioneering collaborative and innovative programme to achieve positive outcomes for young people and communities across the town of Bridgewater. A key feature of their work is achieving an integrated approach to raising educational and economic achievements, feeding through into the general health and well-being of local communities.

FfS, BAM and BET have been working together since the start of the Bridgwater Building Schools for the Future Project in October 2010.  Working together has enabled the partners to create opportunities for learning not only for students but for local businesses, teachers and the local community. The collaboration is pioneering a whole new approach to learning through construction; town-wide approaches to raising aspirations; cross generational community cohesion and engagement; clearer pathways from education to employment through inspirational strategic vision and leadership and supporting the local employment and skills agenda.

The award will raise the profile of the collaboration which will inspire more businesses to embark on cross-industry partnerships.


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