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Intellectual Property: A Pragmatic Introduction

This event was organised by Kaho Sint-Lieven on 23 March 2012.  It was delivered by IP Hills a client-focussed office which specialises in telecom, media, medical, energy and sports sectors.  It was attended by 53 participants from 30 different companies. The presentations stimulated a lot of discussion and the feedback from participants showed that they were very enthusiastic about what they learnt.

The Programme

The first session was delivered by Axel Plas, the Managing Director of IP Hills. It covered obtaining patents, related costs, financial advantages and other quite general points. In addition to looking at obtaining a patent other intellectual property protection strategies were discussed in detail. Special attention was given to the issues relating to patenting software and the criteria to be met in order to do this. The principle of trade secrecy was explained with reference to the risks involved.  The last-resort alternative of producing a defense publication as an alternative to obtaining a patent was mentioned.  In addition to patents, the presentation also covered trademarks and model registration.

The second, shorter, session was delivered by Eva Schelfaut, a European trademark attorney.  The presentation focussed on real-life examples and cases.


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