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“Machen!” – Ideas Workshop 2013

This was an ideas workshop, run by Kassel University in August 2013, in which practical solutions for chosen problems were developed. Delegates passed rough an organized brainstorming process in multidisciplinary teams of 4 to 6 people. In an intense analysis they went outside – eyes open, questioned their own understanding of the topic, observed and interviewed other users, actors and concerned parties - looked for problems and flaws, but also for chances and opportunities.

After the broad collection of observations, experiences and opinions every team  formulated its individual task and based on those they developed ideas, concepts and alternatives.  The concepts were be examined on the basis of prototypes. The solutions might be products, services, but also new thinking - and organization structures - non-profit or profit orientated. Finally the results were presented in front of a chosen audience and discussed regarding their feasibility and realization.

Besides learning a structured creativity process, delegates learned to trust their own creativity, got to know students from other fields of expertise and shared their knowledge. In addition they enhanced their communication and empathy skills and thereby their ability to connect broadly. Being in this project gave them the opportunity to be self-determined creators of their own environment – their own future.


  • Introduction: 1 August 
  • Block seminar:   5 & 6, 14 & 15 August 
  • Final presentations: 22 August 

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