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OI Toolkit: Maximise IP, Minimise Risk

This is a presentation by i2eye Diagnostics on their Open Innovation Toolkit. The Toolkit was recently developed with support from the Open Innovation Project. It is a three-part system that enables an individual, company or other organisation to maximise the value of its intellectual property through partnership, whilst minimising risk exposure for all partners. The event has been organised by Edinburgh Science Triangle.

 Edinburgh-based i2eye Diagnostics has successfully commercialised a visual field analyser through exclusive licence from the University of Edinburgh. As a result of their own experience and knowledge of the challenges negotiating rights to exploit IP, i2eye Diagnostics were firmly of the belief that more could be done to simplify the process and incentivise those involved in order to maximise the value of surplus IP.

At this event Peter Estibeiro, Co-Founder and Commercial Director of i2eye Diagnostics will talk about the challenges of collaborative innovation and how this unique toolkit can help companies broker a deal.

The presentation will be followed by an interview with Dr Mike Capaldi, Commercialisation Director at Edinburgh BioQuarter, and an opportunity for networking with food and drinks provided.

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