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International Networking Event at Laval Virtual


International Networking Event at Laval Virtual International Conference on Virtual Reality & Converging Technologies. 

The networking day was held on 28 March 2012 and was attended by members of the Laval Virtual Reality Capital, European Clusters, companies, universities and labs.  The event included: 

  • An International Networking Cruise Dinner on the Vallis Guidonis boat will be held on the evening of 27 March.
  • Laval Virtual Exhibition on 28-30 March 28 to 30 with 84 companies presenting and  4,400 professsional visitors.

The event is part of Laval Virtual : Europe's No 1 conference and exhibition on Virtual Reality and Converging Technologies.  It  also featured:

  • VRIC (Virtual Reality Conference)
  • VR Mix: VR conference on enhancing Human Wellbeing via Emerging Technologies.
  • Virtual Fantasy: Student competition.
  • Laval Virtual Awards
  • ReVolution: Demonstration exhibition

Dates and venue: 27-30 March 2012,  Salle Polyvalente, Place de Hercé,  53000 LAVAL, France.

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