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Company Case Studies: City of Edinburgh Council

Open innovation can help companies bring new products and services to market quickly as well as exploit growth opportunities. The OI Project helps local businesses implement open innovation within their organisation by providing business advice, mentoring support, workshops and master classes. A series of six company case studies have been filmed illustrating different aspects of open innovation and its positive impact on company performance. 

Popcorn Horror: provides a specialised horror channel on smartphones. It is a hub for fans to receive news updates, watch films, fund film projects (via the 'Blood Stamp') and interact with the global horror community. This open platform also provides international horror move makers with the opportunity to build an audience, gain access to crowdfunding and sell merchandise. The company received business development support from the Cultural Enterprise Office, a local partner in the Open Innovation Project, as well as the OI Project's open innovation mentor to realise their vision.

ArxBio: A team from Moredun Research Institute won first prize in the Converge Challenge Open Innovation Competition 2012 to find the best example of an entrepreneur using open innovation principles and techniques to build their business. ArxBio have developed a platform technology for the creation of more efficient vaccines for bacterial disease in farm animals with the potential to licence human applications. This technological breakthrough is the outcome of years of intensive scientific research into sustainable farming methods and could make a major contribution to the challenge of feeding the world's population.

i2eyeDiagnostics is a spin out company from the University of Edinburgh. Their product is a visual field analyser including an eye tracker to monitor patient responses. The company have first-hand experience of the challenges faced when licensing technology from the originator. They are developing a new approach to be tested within their own organisation to promote opportunities for third parties to commercialise intellectual property (IP) which is surplus to core business activities. This has been with support from Business Gateway, a local partner in the OI Project and the project's open innovation mentor.

Mallzee, Beckdales and Krotos are examples of businesses started up by young entrepreneurs at Edinburgh University with support from The School of Informatics and LAUNCH.ed, local partners in the Open Innovation Project. Mallzee have developed a personalised shopping app and already secured investment of £500,000 to expand their business internationally. Beckdales won the Innovation Cup in 2013 with a unique cleaning product to combat the spread of infection in hospitals and clinics. Krotos have secured a number of clients in the film and games industries after developing the means to enhance film sounds effects.  The Dehumaniser creates monster sounds in real time from the human voice.


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