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Lean Start-Up Bootcamps

Two Day Workshop for Innovation/ Tech Based Start-ups

Since 2008 the best and biggest US tech start-ups, from Instagram to Airnbb from Dropbox to Etsy, have used a methodology known as the Lean Start-up to get their new businesses developed, launched and funded. Now most of London's leading universities, incubators and accelerators teach the method and most UK early stage Venture Capital investors now expect start-ups they fund to have used the Lean start-up process.

In light of this for the first time the British Library in partnership with Capital Enterprise and Foundercentric will be providing a free of charge 2 full-day workshop for people who want to acquire a practical understanding of how they can apply lean start-up tools and principles in starting and developing a highly successful and sustainable business.

By the end of the two days attendees will understand:

  •  Customer Development- How to develop and validate a "Good" start-up concept
  •  Latest start-up terminology such as MVP, Pirate Funnel, Product-Market FIT.
  •  Lean start-up essential Techniques
  •  Business Model Generation
  •  How to "Roadmap" from idea- to prototype- to launch

Venue: British Library Business & IP Centre, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB

Dates and times: 

1000-1700 on these days:

  • 2-3 May
  • 6-7 June
  • 11-12 July
  • 12-13 September
  • 3-4 October

Registration can be made through this link:


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