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Neo BikeShop

On 23 October 2013 VOKA Chamber of Commerce organised, Neo BikeShop, to showcase a range of cycling related innovations.  

For this event VOKA invited the representatives of Old Bond – who’s product made quite an impression on those in attendance. After showing their bike-based displays to the audience, they gave a presentation, and then showcased the bike again and again on request of the audience! 

Also from London were Integrated Tracks, who introduced Spy lamp 2, an anti-theft device integrated into a simple looking rear bike light - a potentially very useful tool for bikers in Ghent whose bikes get stolen all the time!  And indeed following the event one of the bike shops in Ghent has asked for more info on the product.

From France there was Baramind – a shock absorbing handlebar for off-road cycling, which has already been featured at boutique pop-up shops in Edinburgh, London, and of course NeoShop Laval.

Last but not least from Belgium there was Bioracer - the crème de la crème of biking clothes manufacturers - who bought with them a mannequin wearing the biking outfit of 3-time world champion time trial cyclist Tony Martin. 

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