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Innovation and Entrepreneur Event: IRSEEM and SPMII Doctoral School

IRSEEM, ESIGELEC’s research institute, held an event dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship on 11 June 2013, with the support of SEINARI, a regional agency specialized in innovation. This event was designed for doctoral students and organized in cooperation with the SPMII doctoral school.

It was introduced by Didier Pezier, the president of both ESIGELEC and SEINARI: “The objective of this conference is to give you the opportunity to learn about Open Innovation, teach you principles, methods and tools that might be useful in your research as well as after defending your thesis. Moreover, the colloquium will raise the subject of doctoral students’ professional insertion. We want to encourage entrepreneurship among students and encourage those who would like to create their own company one day.”

Mathieu Dupas, the founder of Innovation Partagée, gave a conference on his domain of expertise, Open Innovation. “Open Innovation doesn’t consist in sharing the company’s resources and sharing their knowledge with the whole world without any restriction. It consists in being open to external competences and optimizing its own intellectual property. The idea is to learn from the company’s innovation eco-system : its collaborators, its suppliers, its clients, its partners, and not only rely on its Research & Development service.”

The doctoral students also had the opportunity to listen to their predecessors’ testimonies, whether they be working in companies or institutions or managing their own companies. Eric Rouland explained his thesis at the University of Rouen in 1994 and desribed the company he created, AREELIS. It is a scientific engineering company specialized in the characterization of fluid flows and energetics. During his intervention, he encouraged the doctoral students to create their companies, underlining that his PhD title gave him credibility with his clients: “A diploma as prestigious as the doctorate is nothing without the man and his charism, his obstinacy…  Nevertheless, it remains a great asset to find a job. Everything is possible, but you have to give yourself the means to succeed. You have to seize every opportunity that goes by.”

After lunch, the doctoral students could choose between a workshop on innovation, led by Mathieu Dupas, and a workshop on entrepreneurship, led by Mickaël Arnoult, project manager in detection, maturation and incubation for SEINARI. The latter was particularly successful: “There were a lot of questions, the students seemed interested. In my opinion, everything went well.” Afterwards, the doctoral students visited the technological platform of CISE, IRSEEM’s new building, and were offered a cocktail, which gave them the opportunity to speak with the former doctoral students.

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