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Open Innovation Masterclass Programme

This outline programme is based on an IP Masterclass Programme run by Laval Mayenne Technopole in partnership with Bluenove and Echologia. This was run over 5 training days evenly spaced between June and December 2012.  The programme  was based on an outline structure designed at a workshop in 2011 and attended by with representatives from the majority of Open Innovation Project partners.

Overview of the programme

Theory and practice are perfectly combined within this collective Open Innovation training programme in order to involve and engage participants. Companies can apply and experiment with open innovation on their own projects with easily measurable results and outcomes. Several modules are available on mapping of assets and ecosystems, collaboration, legal issues, social media, new business models, open data and open source. The programme was run over 5 days evenly spaced between June and December 2012.  There were 46 participants from 8 companies and 7 coaches from 2 companies.

The programme objectives are as follows:

  • Identify strengths and evaluate their potential in an open innovation approach.
  • Identify and discover the key players in a complex environment (customers, suppliers, laboratories, universities, startups) and learn to exploit their potential.
  • Collaborate to innovate and

The programme structure was was as follows

Day 1:  Open Innovation Diagnosis (9 June 2012)

  • Introduction to Innovation and Open Innovation Concepts: Key concepts, methodologies and tools. Analysis of open innovation case studies.
  • Group Workshop on Open Innovation Diagnosis: Initial diagnosis of the strengths/weaknesses of participant SMEs.  Presentation of the Collaborative Platform and Assessment.

Day 2: Innovation Ecosystem (12 July 2012)

  •  Concepts of Internal and External Innovation Ecosystems: Illustrated with practical case studies. Presentation of 4 participant diagnoses. Analysis of the 12 levers of innovation.
  • Group Workshop and Case Studies: 12 levers of innovation illustrated with practical case studies. Presentation of Mapping Xmind.

Day 3: Open Innovation Action Plan (13 September 2012)

  • Open Innovation Strategy and Action Plan: Participants first action plan with short and medium-term actions.
  • Case Studies on Open Innovation: Presentation of the 4 participants open innovation mapping. Q&A session. Presentation of the quick-win and mid-term actions index cards. Teamwork on participants own ecosystem. Ful group presentation of the first open innovation action plans and external resources.

Day 4: Evaluation 1 and Deepening (4 October 2012)

  • Assessment of Participants' Expectations: An opportunity for participants to work on their action plan.
  • Assessment Presentation of 4 Participants Open Innovation Actions: Focusses on detecting and collaborating with startups and assessment.

Day 5: Evaluation 1 and Deepening (20 December 2012)

  • Workshop on External Innovation Challenges: Organisation of an external innovation challenge with suppliers. Preparation of the project framing to simulate the presentation to decision makers.
  • Co-Creation Workshop: For businesses; development of a product or an innovative service in active collaboration with customers. For Customers/Users; co-creating and finding solutions to the company's problems.

Satisfaction Surveys

Day 1

  • 6 survey participants
  • Interest/relevance of the day: 100% satisfied.
  • Content: 67% satisfied, 33% average.
  • Benefits for stakeholders: 83% satisfied, 17% very satisfied.
  • Interactions with other participants: 66% very satisfied, 17% satisfied, 17% average.

Day 2

  • 6 survey participants
  • Interest/relevance of the day: 50% very satisfied,100% satisfied.
  • Content: 84% satisfied, 16% average.
  • Benefits for stakeholders: 100%.
  • Interactions with other participants: 66% very satisfied, 34% satisfied.

Day 3

  • 5 survey participants
  • Interest/relevance of the day: 60% satisfied. 40% very satisfied.
  • Content: 60% satisfied, 40% average.
  • Benefits for stakeholders: 100% satisfied.
  • Interactions with other participants: 80% very satisfied, 20% satisfied.

Day 4

  • 6 survey participants
  • Interest/relevance of the day: 60% average, 40% satisfied.
  • Content: 80% satisfied, 20% unsatisfied.
  • Benefits for stakeholders: 80% satisfied, 20% average.
  • Interactions with other participants: 60% satisfied, 40% very satisfied.

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