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Neoshop Laval




The Neoshop in Laval opened in September 2013. It is part of a global initiative to build a network of sites dedicated to supporting innovative entrepreneurs in the commercialisation of their innovations. It is located centrally in centre of Laval and is dedicated to innovation, from idea conception to commercialisation. It has been developed by Laval Mayenne Technopole.

In the Neoshop the public have a chance to purchase innovative products from local and international early-stage businesses. Businesses will provide help and resources to help them to develop their products and services. The Neoshop will provide:

  • Guidance: complete assistance with commercialisation and production through the network of suppliers approved by Laval Mayenne Technopole.
  • Coworking space: designed to provide an inspiring workspace for independent workers.
  • Entertainment around innovation: conferences, product presentations, meetings with creators.
  • Fab Lab and Living Lab: designed to manufacture and test innovative products.
  • Cafe: a friendly space created to enable customers to relax and develop professional networks.

In the period following the opening of the Neoshop, 20-30 innovative products will be showcased and sold. These will cover a range of categories from bedding to clothing as well as electronic devices. Here are some examples of products to be sold:

  • Outside: All-in-One Multimedia HD Server: One single device for wireless communication and home entertainment.
  • Baramind: Anti-vibration bike handlebar.
  • Drakerz Confrontation: Augemented reality card game.
  • IMR Removable Heel Shoes; One pair of shoes for every occasion.
  • Couettabra: Duvet with long sleeves.

 Other Open Innovation Project partners are investigating being part of this network and a Neoshop has opened in Gent.

The Neoshop Laval is located centrally in the historic part of the City. It has also attracted much press interest resulting in these articles: 


On 8 April 2014 a temporary Neoshop opened in the Qwartz shopping centre in Paris.








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