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Collaborate to Innovate (Somerset)

Three half-day workshops were organised by Somerset County Council, February-May 2013. They were aimed at individuals considering collaboration with another business/individual or who have recently started on a collaborative venture. They were held at Foot Anstey, Blackbrook Business Park in Taunton.

Content included:

  • The legal aspects of a collaboration (including protecting everyone involved and addressing intellectual property issues).
  • The business implications for both parties (including a 'new way of working').
  • Addressing the personal growth issues that can sometimes act as barriers to collaborative working.
  • Overcoming the individual and team dynamics that can prevent healthy collaborations.

The workshops were led by experienced professional facilitators in the field of:

  • Legal agreements and practical legal issues.
  • Organisational culture and team dynamics relating to collaboration.
  • Overcoming personal barriers and challenges to collaboration and forming relationships.

The project aimed to kick start development of a collaborative business model with business owners to form sustainable and productive collaborations, helping the sector respond to economic pressures.

Further information

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