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Student Innovation Masterclasses at KAHO

KAHO SInt-Lieven hosted the the following masterclasses in February-March 2013.

  • Management skills that matter - 'Solving problems analytically and creatively', Ingrid Claes. 1600-1730, 19 February.
  • Case study - Absolute Sensors Limited': how firms use open innovation techniques like out-licensing and spin-offs to extract more value from their innovations, Stijn Kelchtermans. 1600-1730, 26 February.
  • Portfolio management of innovation projects, Peter Teirlinck. 1600-1730, 5 March.

During these classes KAHO students learned much about topics like open innovation, problem solving, portfolio management and spin-offs.

With help from experts of business university college HUB, these masterclasses were a great success with 40 students participating in each. KAHO plan to run these again in 2014. This positive quote from a student is typical of the positive feedback that was received:

'These innovation masterclasses were very interesting and motivated me to learn more about entrepreneurship and management'.

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