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Summerhall Co-Creation Evening

' So inspiring! - My mind is full of fireworks'.

This is how the one of the delegates described the impact of this event, held on 28 February 2013, which brought together members of Edinburgh's creative sectors to learn new ways of working together collaboratively.

The event took place at Summerhall. Once the Royal Dick Veterinary School, Summerhall is now a multi-arts venue which presents a range of artistic work in spaces that retain their medical and scientific history.

The event featured the following:

  • ' Collaboration or Else - The Principle of Shared Working to Overcome Challenges'.  by Judith Doherty, Chief Executive of Grid Iron.
  • A session of 'lightning talks' given by young and up-and-coming tech designers and professionals and chaired by Jamie Coleman.
  • A tour of the maze of creative spaces at Summerhall.
  • A talk by Anu Selva-Thompson, Summerhall's Head of Education on the importance of the review process for those in the creative sector and presented a 5-step process for delivering effective reviews.
  • A Q&A session.

Following the event a short 9-question survey was sent to the event attendees. The purpose of the survey was to assess the impact of the evening and which parts were most successful and to get input on any future events of this kind. There were a total of 20 surveys completed, out of a potential number of 35.  The key points were as follows:

The evening

  • All aspects of the evening were well received - even the 'lowest' rated aspect of the evening was described as good or excellent by 78% of respondents.
  • The networking aspect was viewed as very valuable (87.5% rated it as good or excellent); with 8 collaborations resulting that would not have happened otherwise.
  • The main theme of suggestion for improvements related to the networking aspect.  Suggestions to aid effective networking included; name badges, more time, ice-breaker exercises, speed dating, distribution of the delegate in advance, exclusive use of bar.
  • Other suggestions included; a greater corporate sector presence, 2 longer lightning talks, other talks shorter, a midway break, less technolgogy and more community focus.


Future events

  • There is evidence of a stron appetite for a future event with 79% of respondents definitely or probably interested.
  • The venue was very popular.
  • The best time period for a future event is Sep-Nov, the most preferred day and times were Thursdays and 18.00.
  • Many topics of interested for future events were raised including; brainstorming, open data, financial models and funding mechanisms for co-creation, entrepreneurship, cross-disciplinary create projects; the corporate/business side of the equation.

Further information

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