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Megabrainstorm 2012

The 5th Voka Mega-Brainstorm event was held at Kaho Sint-Lieven on 4 October 2012. It brought together students from across the Flanders region to brainstorm creative and inventive ideas. It was organised by Voka Chamber of Commerce, East Flanders in collaboration with Kaho Sint-Lieven and three other universities from the Flanders region.

More than 200 students took part in this all-day event, which included training/talks on trend spotting, guerilla marketing and pitching. Following business speed-dates, the students split into teams to brainstorm and  develop innovative ideas for new products or services, inspired by insights from the trend spotting exercise. All this in just one morning!

After lunch and preparation of their pitches, the teams made their presentations to a jury of industry professionals. This was followed by an inspiring talk by successful start-up companies about the do's and dont's of starting your own business before the winners were announced and prizes awarded. The day ended with a celebratory beer and snacks, neither of which were in short supply as the event was held in brewery department of Kaho SInt-Lieven.

The 4 winning ideas were:

  • Multimedia trays for elderly people.
  • A skin cancer detection app.
  • The intelligent food basket.
  • An app to analyse the psychological  condition of top sportspeople.

Other ideas included a visual speedometer and multifunctional furniture.  Here is a report on the event.

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