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Open Innovation Meets SME

How SMEs can make use of Open Innovation Strategy

A symposium by Kassel University.

Big enterprises such as BNW, SAP and others have used Open Innovation strategy very successfully for several years. By integrating customers and their knowledge and experience of their products into their innovation management process they can access additional innovative know-how. Furthermore, they benefit from shortened innovation cycles and a sustained level of innovation momentum.

However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often have difficulties in applying Open Innovation strategy. At this symposium, Open Innovation experts will present and discuss approaches which enable SMEs to collaborate successfully with their customers.

This workshop was held on 5 September 2012 at Kassel University and was attended by representatives from SMEs such as Detecon International gmbH, G.tecz, Chilli Mind GmbH and Vogelsang GmbH, as well as Open Innovation Project partners.

The presentations were as follows:

  •  Dr Angelika Bullinger-Hoffman, Chemnitz University of Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering who spoke about how companies in the health industry can make use of Open Innovation to enhance their innovation activities.
  • Dr Johann Füller, Innsbruck University, School of Management, who presented several successful examples of Open Innovation practice and demonstrated what kind of Open Innovation initiatives, methods and tools are appropriate for companies with varying degrees of openness.

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