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Co-Create Uni Kassel: pilot launch

The launch of the pilot stage of the 'Co-Create Uni Kassel' took place on 21 May 2012.


Lik SMEs, universities are currently facing intense competitive pressure as they are forced to adapt to the increasing international quality standard for scientific research set by American universities. This pressure is being intensified by the Bologna-initiative for standardising European higher education.  German universities face an additional challenge as the cessation of ZVS (central office for the allocation of places in higher education) means that institutions are fully responsible for recruitment of students through the presentation of an attractive range of courses. These challenges mean that universities must re-invent themselves continuously.

 The purpose of the Co-Create-Community

The concept behind the Community is that Kassel University sources, develops and implements innovative ideas from within the University community thereby utilising Chesbrough's Open Innovation principles. This process will enable Kassel University to strengthen its innovative and competitive abilities.

The Platform

The platform 'Co-Create Uni Kassel' is an opportunity for Kassel University students to actively engage in the development of their university. It is an ideas community that reaches out to all students of the university and gives them the opportunity to share ideas on how to make the university a better place in which to live and learn.  The ideas posted on the platform can be seen by all other community members, who can enroll in a list of supporters of the idea, enhance or comment on the idea. This way students have one more way to become actively involved in university development and the university has the opportunity to utilise the unique knowledge and experience of its students.

Additionally the platform will serve as basis for Kassel University's research on the introduction of Open Innovation into organisations as well as their research on online collaboration.  After the platform has passed through the first piloting phase the technology and concepts will be shared with Open Innovation Project partners.

Further information

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