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Citrus Saturday Edinburgh 2012

A pilot Citrus Saturday was held in Edinburgh on 21 April 2012 which offered 20 pupils from two local schools, aged 12-15, the opportunity to set up and run their own lemonade stand business for a day.  The event was organised through Economic Development at the City of Edinburgh Council The pupils were supported by 9 student mentors recruited by Edinburgh University Student's Association. The day was based on the Citrus Saturday format which was developed by UCL Advances in London. 


The pupils made a total sales of £500 and sold 485 drinks from stalls in Cameron Toll Shopping Centre and The Royal Botanic Gardens.


  • The pupils enjoyed the experience of running a business, earning their own money, selling to customers, spending time with friends, being an entrepreneur, making lemonade, working as part of a tem, switching jobs in the team, meeting people and giving out leaflets.
  • The mentors commented on the extent to which they saw pupils gain in self-confidence and take on more responsibility during the programme as well as develop skills in running a business, team-building, dealing with members of the public and overcoming fears in doing something they had never done before.
  • The teachers found Citrus Saturday a very positive, valuable,  experience and felt that all pupils were committed and enthusiastic about the project. They believed that it had a clear impact on learning, not just about what running a business involves, but also boosting their confidence and developing core skills.



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