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Food Factory 2012


This event was hosted by Laval Mayenne Technopole who run this conference jointly with the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (SIK) every two years. It ran from 4-6 July 2012 and was held at  Le Théâtre De Laval. The purpose is to create a Europe-wide scientific and industrial community which meets to consider the food factory of the future with specific emphasis on the following aspects of the industry:

  • The control of contamination.
  • Reduction of environmental impacts.
  • Optimization of the efficiency of processes.

The key figures from the conference were:

  • 162 participants from 16 countries. 29% of delegates were from overseas.
  • 26 separate conference sessions.
  • 77 business to business meetings.

At this year's event, the program on 5 July had a special SME and open innovation focus and an emphasis on networking activity.  There were 8 conference sessions on the theme of 'Hygienic design and Open Innovation in the food industry'. with 42 participants.

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