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Doctorial Workshop on IT, Service, Innovation and Collaboration

This transnational workshop was organised by Kassel University (Chair for Information Systems and held in Berlin on March 13 and 14, 2012.  It aimed to bring together PhD candidates from several of the North West Europe partner regions involved in the Open Innovation Project facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration through focussed and in-depth discussions on individual PhD topics.  26 PhD students from University of Edinburgh, University College Dublin and Kassel University participated in the event.

The objective of the Workshop was to adopt an practical as well as an academic approach and it addressed the question of whether the participants' PhD research led to new opportunities for increasing the innovative behaviour of existing SMEs and how it may create new business opportunities. Through considering this question, the mindset of the PhD candidates became increasingly focussed on the key innovation challenges of the economy.  The keynote address was given by Professor Dr Carsten Schultz from the Technical University of Berlin and he provided insights into university/industry collaborations as an example of open innovation in practice.

The academic goal of the Workshop was to shape relevant research questions through critical and constructive discussions on individual theses.  The research fields covered included Open Innovation and Open Service Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Service Engineering & Management, Collaboration Engineering and Strategic IT Management.

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