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Innovation and Creativity in Flanders

Innovation & Creativity in Flanders: opportunities for new entrepreneurs. 12 April 2012.

This free study day was organised by KAHO Sint-Lieven and highlighted research results, good practices and the application of open innovation theory and creativity in Flanders. It was attended by 177 people who were keen to listen, discuss, participate and network.


  • Gert Verdonck from the Social-Economical Council Flanders (SERV) started by presenting her research on 'Collaboration with technological innovation'. She highlighted the challenges faced with this type of collaborative activity.
  • Patrice Borgonjon, a senior scientist from Procter & Gamble talked about 'Purpose-driven innovation by collaborating'. He outlined the success that Procter & Gamble have achieved through open innovation.
  • Marc Bogaert, founder of The Second Phase showed how to go  'From an idea to a business opportunity'. Second Phase organise brainstorms with employees as a way of generating business ideas.
  • Simon De Wulf, Managing Director of Creax started the second session with a presentation on 'Creativity and Innovation'. He explained how to use existing networks and knowledge to drive open innovation.
  • Peter Goeman, Director of  the Centre For Innovation East Flanders discussed 'Financial support for innovation' in Belgium and Flanders.
  • Eric Wyns, founder of  Pluritech  focussed on how to work with 'Cloud computing' by looking at the challenges faced as well as the various forms of cloud computing.
  • Paul Peeters from the Open Manufacturing Campus of Philips  started the last session with a presentation on  'Creativity and innovation at Philips'.
  • Prof. Koen Debackere from K.U.Leuven tracked open innovation from the late 19th century to the present day.
  • The event was closed by Prof. Frank Baert, Managing Director of KAHO Sint-Lieven who summarised the day and invited all the participants to a networking reception.

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