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Visual Work of Art Competition

This competition was launched in September 2011  by three Ghent-based university college departments and members of the K.U.Leuven Association; Sint-Lucas Visual Arts, Sint-Lucas School of Architecture and the Department of Industrial Engineering of the Kaho Sint-Lieven.

The competition aimed to use co-creativity to develop a work of art for the Technology campus of KAHO Sint Lieven.  Collaborating students from the three schools were asked to channel their knowledge and experience into a creative output. The contrast of style and methodology of students from art and technology backgrounds stimulated a highly motivational creative tension. It also led to students, staff and faculty members gaining new perspectives and moving away from their more familiar ways of working. The resulting synthesis of this meeting of the worlds of art and technology was these three submissions in December 2011.

In January 2012 a professional jury selected Rob Buelens' team as the winner. They will now receive support in looking for sponsors and regulatory issues.

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