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Appathon was a hands-on, 30 hour event, run by the University of Edinburgh on 8-9 October 2011. Students worked with representatives from the mobile and web industry to identify new opportunities for apps, particularly in the areas of health, education, and the environment. This was one of 6 Appathons being run in UK cities.

The event was open to students from any UK university. Members of the public were also invited to attend as mentors and the majority of mentors had an interest in apps or knowledge of one of the three sectors mentioned above.

More than 60 students from multiple Scottish universities attended, forming 14 teams which each produced a new prototype app over the weekend. The students were assisted by more than 30 mentors from the private and public sector, including representatives from Metaswitch, IBM, Nokia, Scottish Enterprise and local startup companies. 

An announcement has not yet been made as to whether any of the teams have been selected as one of the nine UK finalists who will have the opportunity of a trip to Silicon Valley and a visit to SXSW in Austin.  The apps developed included:

  • eyeSore: a mobile phone app that gives concerned community members greater power to report and resolve "eye-sores" and other local community issues, using social media and private public partnerships.
  • KillTheBatman: a mobile phone app that helps commuters identify and avoid potential traffic jams in real time.
  • SchoolHunt: a mobile phone app that helps independent estate agents provide a more comprehensive service by integrating data about local schools into online home listings.




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