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Unikat'11 Idea Competition



Establishing a company always starts with an idea.  This competition looked for promising ideas, emerging from employees and students at Kassel university, which have the potential to be the basis of a successful company. The competition was  organised by the Kassel University: Chair For Information Systems

Participants not only had the chance to win attractive prizes, but also to make use of  extensive consulting and mentoring services. At the end of the competition participants had the possibility of further developing ideas with the help of Kassel University Incubator Support.

The idea for the competition is based on the inside-out perspective on open innovation of Professor Henry Chesbrough of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.


 Award Ceremony

150 people from public and private sectors attended this event at Kassel University on 6 October 2011 .  The first prize was awarded to a team of students who had developed a self-sustaining, energy efficient and scalable desalination facility.   The second prize went to three students who developed a mobile application for diabetics.  The third prize was awarded to a student from the faculty of informatics who developed a software application which enables musicians to play together synchronously via the internet.

The event was rounded off by an interesting, inspiring and exciting keynote speech from Prof. Ulrich Weinberg from the University of Potsdam - HPI School of Design Thinking.


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