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Introduction to Lean Start-Up

Since 2008 the best and biggest US tech start-ups, from Instagram to Airnbb from Dropbox to Etsy, have used a methodology known as the Lean Start-up to get their new businesses developed, launched and funded. Now most of London's leading universities, incubators and accelerators teach the method and most UK early stage Venture Capital investors now expect start-ups they fund to have used the Lean start-up process.
In light of this on 12 December 2013,  the British Library in Partnership with Capital Enterprise and Foundercentric  provided a free of charge workshop for people who want to acquire a basic understanding and insights on how to start a business that may change the world.  

The workshop was delivered by Jordan Schlipf of Founder-Centric at the British Library who took the delegates on a lively journey introducing the 3 key Lean Startup tools: 

  • Customer development
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Minimum Viable Product

Jordan contrasted a perception that developing a business was a linear process with the reality that it was full of twists and turns and was more like a ‘bowl of spaghetti’

His presentation was peppered with relevant and entertaining case studies such as the case of When the founders looked at the potential for selling shoes online they took photographs of shoes from a local shoe shop and presented these on a simple website. When an order came through they manually bought them from the shop and sent them to the customer. This supplied them with plenty of information on customer behaviours around which to develop their business model. This is a classic example of the application of lean. 

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