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International Networking Day - Laval

In cooperation with Laval Virtual and Enterprise Europe Network, on April 7 2011, Laval Mayenne Technopole organized an International Networking Day. This took place during the Laval Virtual international exhibition in order to create international contacts for our virtual reality startups and labs. This event focused on Laval Virtual Reality Capital members and  virtual reality companies from overseas as well as higher education institutes and labs. 14 business to business meetings in total were organized in the morning and in the afternoon between foreign companies, labs and Laval Virtual Reality Capital companies.

Networking lunch
A large networking session gathering 40 international innovation triangle actors (startups, labs and higher education institutes) was organized at lunch time, with two specific discussion sessions. People were divided into 3 groups, related to 3 specific themes, they were seated around 3 tables of 12 to discuss, and this was carried out 2 times in a row. Then, they could continue to exchange freely around dessert and coffee.

Visit to CLARTE
7 people visited the SAS3 of the CLARTE technological center, technological platform dedicated to Virtual and Augmented Reality and equipped with the latest immersive tools.


  • 12 local virtual reality companies (from the Laval Virtual Reality Capital - LVRC)
  • 7 foreign companies
  • 2 foreign clusters
  • 1 French science park
  • 2 foreign laboratories
  • 2 local laboratories
  • 6 foreign higher education institutes
  • 3 local higher education institutes
  • 6 countries represented (France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Romania and Sweden)

Key statistics

  • 14 business to  business meetings
  • 40 participants to the international networking cocktail, amongst them 20 foreign participants
  • 50 people involved
  • Tweets, Viadéo and Linked In post, and photos
  • A test action (prototype) for a more important networking event during Laval Virtual 2012
  • New international contacts

Open innovation focus
The International Networking Day gathered a group of people to share ideas and create partnerships. It has encouraged relationship buildings between startups, higher education institutes and research labs, which is a particular goal of the Laval Mayenne Technopole Science Park and the Open innovation project.
The concept of discussions around specific themes at lunch time fostered open innovation and creativity practices inside these groups.

Feedback from participants

  • Arevent – France (Company): “ART will be a partner to enter the German market”
  • Didhaptic – France (Company): “We are thinking of working with a Romanian company we met thanks to the BtoB meeting”
  • Génie Mondial – France (Company): “It was a good thing to have the possibility to exchange in groups in order to avoid isolation”
  • Lycée Réaumur – France (Higher Education Institute): “To participate to this kind of event strengthen my will of developing international partnerships for my high school”
  • Advance Realtime Tracking Gmbh (ART) – Germany (Company): “We will initiate collaboration with Arevent (French Company) thanks to the International Networking Day”
  • Virtual Dimension Center – Fellbach – Germany (Cluster): “The networking cocktail allowed me to put in contact two companies of my German network in France! They did not know each other before”
  • Deltacad – Germany (Company): “The International Networking Day was rewarding & convivial”
  • Tama University – Japan (Higher Education Institute): “We were very well welcome”
  • Twente University – Netherlands (Higher Education Institute): “In such events, we are more serene, because we have not to be worried about our booth”
  • Center of Visualization – Göteborg – Sweden (Cluster): “I have met people to put in relation with members of my network”

Organiser:  Lavel Mayenne Technopole

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