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Social Media for Business and Innovation Success

This free workshop aimed to help delegates to develop a strategy for using social media technologies and practices (Social Business) to develop innovative and sustainable new products and services. It was held on 13 February 2013 at the British Library Business & IP Centre and was attended by 27 delegates. It focussed on:

Using public social networks such as LinkedIN, Facebook and Twitter to:

  • Get ideas for new products and services.
  • Raise awareness of existing products and services.
  • Make new business contacts.

Using enterprise community platforms, with a focus on Yammer, to:

  • Test new product and service ideas.
  • Develop business relationships and partnerships.
  • Deliver projects.

It showed delegates how to:

  • Apply best practice and set the right tone in your communication.
  • Select the most appropriate platforms.
  • Build online groups and communities.
  • Make the best use of time online.

The workshop was being led by Stephen Danelutti, this is how Stephen describes himself:. 

Stephen started SocialWRKS some 6 years ago He has acted as Social Business consultant helping organisations of all kinds with understanding social technologies in a work context. He now works at  Yammer  facilitating customer success. Yammer is a secure, private social network. Yammer 'empowers employees to be more productive and successful by enabling them to collaborate easily, make smarter decisions faster, and self-organise into teams to take on any business challenge.'


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